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GreenFox Marine was established in 2020 as a spin-off of GreenFox, which was established in 2016. Based on GreenFox’ control system technology and the development of high-resolution ultrasound equipment from Aurotech Ultrasound AS, the idea emerged for a system that could separate smolt by gender. This technology and the experience of our founder, Roger Gullikstad, in the development of high-resolution ultrasound equipment at Aurotech Ultrasound AS was the point of departure for GreenFox Marine AS. Although several areas of application were evaluated, combining GreenFox technology with the use of high- resolution ultrasound, gender-sorting of fish stood out as being the most relevant.
Halvard Andresen is the company COO and project manager. He is the founder of MASKON, which was sold to Skala in 2013. The company name is now Skala Maskon. While Halvard Andresen was at Maskon, several technical innovations were developed for the aquaculture industry, including high-speed sorting machines for fish roe and state-of-the-art fully automated vaccination machines for smolt vaccination. Halvard’s expertise in robust aquaculture solutions and his extensive network in the industry are vital assets.
Our team’s expertise covers electronics development, high-resolution ultrasound, mechanics automation and artificial intelligence (AI). This has moved us forward, with a strong focus on implementation and time to market.
Through collaboration with a world leader in broodstock breeding of salmon, AquaGen AS, who have conducted extensive research into the use of ultrasound with salmon, we have acquired considerable expertise.
Our technology is scalable, and our ambition going forward is to supply solutions that can identify the internal qualities of a fish, to be used with other species of fish, etc.

About us

For many years, Skala Maskon has developed technology and built machinery for the hatcheries. This includes fully automated smolt vaccination, fish pumps and roe sorting equipment. Skala Maskon is currently a world leader in these fields and our technology-partner in the construction and development of our systems.

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AquaGen is a research-orientated breeding company that develops, produces and supplies genetic material and fertilised roe to the global aquaculture industry. Scientifically based, with ambitions for health, sustainability in the world of the future, AquaGen owns and manages the world’s most refined breeding material for Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, pacific salmon and lumpfish. It is also a technology partner providing practical experience and technical expertise.


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Aurotech Ultrasound AS develops digital signal-processing ultrasound technology and offers high-end digital ultrasound front-end modules to ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) or license partners. Aurotech is a technology partner and supplies the ultrasound system for the gender determining system.


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Jon Anders Leikvoll

Skala Maskon AS


We have known the potential for the industry with sex sorting of smolt / juvenile fish for several years and a lot of research has been done from several environments to achieve this. With the technology of high-resolution ultrasound and artificial intelligence, as set in the system by GreenFox Marine, this provides both the accuracy and speed needed for use in fully automated systems.

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Mona Rosta

Production Manager
Breeding operations and Smolt

The technology used in the sorting machine for broodstock is both fast and very accurate. This will save many operator hours and lead to us being able to gender-sort larger quantities than we do today. The accuracy of machine sorting also seems to be higher than with manual sorting.

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Matt Baranski

Genetics Manager
Mowi Genetics AS

Mowi is very interested in automated ultrasound based sex sorting of pre-smolts for improved utilization of broodstock licenses, and potentially improved performance and management of fish stocks in commercial production sites.

Our technology partners

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