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Bakgrunnsbilde av bølger


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Jon Anders Leikvoll

Skala Maskon AS

In recent years, a lot of technology has been developed to sort the sex of fish using ultrasound. GreenFox Marine has further developed the technology with the use of high-resolution ultrasound and artificial intelligence aimed at a system for automatic sorting of sexes.

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Mona Rosta

Production Manager
Breeding operations and Smolt

The technology used in the sorting machine for broodstock is both fast and very accurate. This will save many operator hours and lead to us being able to gender-sort larger quantities than we do today. The accuracy of machine sorting also seems to be higher than with manual sorting.

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Matt Baranski

Genetics Manager
Mowi Genetics AS

Mowi is very interested in automated ultrasound based sex sorting of pre-smolts for improved utilization of broodstock licenses, and potentially improved performance and management of fish stocks in commercial production sites.

There is a significant reduction in mortality among fish and minor wounds / injuries in sex-separated cages.

 Fish welfare

With sex-separated cages, increased production is achieved with reduced input factors.



Full-scale experiments show that both sexes grow significantly faster in sex-separated cages. 

Faster growth

By sorting smolts into sex-separated cages, opportunities are provided for optimization  production on existing facilities and licenses. Research  and studies substantiate that there is significant potential that can be exploited in several ways.

Automated sex determination
of salmon smolt
Fiskemærer i fjellvann

Gender sorted fish grow faster, both males and females. Males can reach harvest-weight up to 3.5 months earlier than in mixed cages.


Faster growth
Fiskemærer i fjellvann

More even harvest-weight is achieved in both males and females. A uniform harvest-weight is also advantageous in processing plants.
The growth curve and sexual maturity of the males need not be the only decisive factor for the time of harvesting, as it may be in mixed cages.


Improved control of
Fiskemærer med båt

Separated cages result in more even growth and allow better production management.
Production can be adjusted, various parameters can be controlled for the different weights and groups, such as feed adjustments, the light regime, time of harvesting, processing etc.

Improved production

Full-scale trials in Norway and the fact that over 50% of all farmed salmon in Chile are (manually) sex-separated show great advantages with this.

  • Reduced stress  for the fish in the cages, provides increased fish welfare.

  • Increased meat quality  due to minor wound damage and better environment in the cages.

  • Reduction of lice  as the fish stay in the sea for a shorter time.

  • Better feed factor  as one can adapt the feeding according to gender and growth phase.

  • Reduced light treatment  as it can be adapted to the different sexes.

  • Increased sustainability and reduced footprint  as you get increased production with less resource use.

  • Better production base  as there is more even growth in gender-separated groups and thus easier to have adapted follow-up to the various groups.


More information and documentation:

PDF:           TN-0006 Summary of research on sex sorting of salmon, GreenFox Marine AS, 2021

Website:     Doctoral degree in ultrasonic sorting of sex and sexual maturation in salmon, Ingunn Næve, Aquagen AS, 2020

Website:     R&D licenses for reduced production time using breeding technologies granted,, 2018

PDF:           Statement regarding Greenfox Marine, Aqua Kompetanse AS, 2020


Production Planning for Atlantic Salmon under Uncertainty with Impact of Extensive Site Management, Martin Næss and Fredrik Selnes Patricksson, 2019

Tactical Production Planning for Atlantic Salmon Farming Under Uncertainty of Salmon Lice, Randulf Martin Aasen, 2021

Full-scale experiments in Norway show significant advantages in separating the sexes in salmon cages.

  • Reduced stress-level and fish welfare is enhanced.

  • Meat quality is improved through fewer lesions and a better environment in the cages.

  • Lice infections are reduced, as the fish spend less time in the sea.

  • Feed conversion ratio is improved, as it is possible to adjust the feed according to sex and growth phase.

  • The phototherapy can be reduced, as it can be adjusted to the different sexes.

  • Increased production using fewer resources means greater sustainability and less environmental impact.

  • The production basis is improved, as growth is more even in sex-separated groups, so follow-up of the various groups can be adapted more easily.

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