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With our technology, the gender can be determined of fish down to 35 grams. This enables broodstock facilities to deliver gender-separated fish to aquaculture companies prior to release into the sea.

Our solution combines multiple technologies, based on our long and extensive experience. The GreenFox advanced control system, high-resolution ultrasound equipment from Aurotech Ultrasound AS, artificial intelligence for analysis and gender determination, with mechanically robust automation.

Our solution is being developed in two variants:

Automated gender-sorter for salmon smolt with manual feed:
Anaesthetized fish are feed in suitable volumes, and the operator places the fish in compartments on a conveyor belt running at an even speed. The fish are released at the end of the conveyor belt and then scanned. The images generated by the ultrasound system are analysed using artificial intelligence (AI) and their gender is determined. The fish are directed to the correct output position. The anticipated capacity is around 3000 fish per hour.


Full automatic gender sorting integrated into vaccine machines:

GreenFox is working on solutions to integrate our technology for gender sorting and examination of other internal characteristics of fish into vaccine machines. Our goal is to perform various ultrasound examinations simultaneously while vaccinating the fish.
The patent for the solution is pending.
The solution will be further developed to study other inner properties of fish, and to produce corresponding solutions for other types of fish.

Automated gender-sorting of fish


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